Tuned Percussion

Dundee Drum Academy is excited to announce that tuned percussion lessons are now available. Lessons can now consist of a mix of drum kit and tuned percussion, or simply be one or the other. Lesson prices remain the same for either instrument.

Studying tuned percussion allows drummers and percussionists to learn essential parts of music such as key signatures, scales, arpeggios and music theory. Drummers at high school often opt for tuned percussion as their second instrument, but it's very difficult to find a tuned percussion teacher outside of school. This is one of the many reasons that tuned percussion lessons are now available at Dundee Drum Academy.

Lessons will be taught using a three octave xylophone (pictured opposite), but it's planned that this will expand over the next few months and years to include other instruments such as glockenspiel and marimba. If you were at the high school section of this year's Summer Concert you will already have seen the xylophone in action accompanying Ryley on Cajon as he played Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

This is an exciting new stage for Dundee Drum Academy, and we look forward to seeing many students take up tuned percussion as part of their lessons and maybe even see a few performances this Christmas!