Your first lesson at Dundee Drum Academy is always free!

20 minute lessons - £12
30 minute lessons - £14.50
60 minute lessons - £25

There is a discount available for block-booking lessons:

20 minute lessons for four weeks - £40
30 minute lessons for four weeks - £50
60 minute lessons for four weeks - £92

 Which should I choose?

The most common selection for people is 30 minute lessons. 30 minutes is the perfect time to warm up, quickly revise what you have learned the previous week, and get some good practice time in on the projects you are currently working on.

20 minute lessons are a good idea for young children, whose attention spans may not last for half an hour.

Those who are really enjoying their lessons may opt to change to 60 minute lessons after a while. 60 minutes if you can be focused enough through the entire lesson, can be beneficial to your development.

Keep in mind that you can of course start on say 30 minutes, and if you feel like it, change to 60 minutes later, or drop down to 20 minutes to save some money.