Earn a music qualification with Dundee Drum Academy

Dundee Drum Academy proudly holds a 100% success rate across all exams with the SQA, Rockschool, and Trinity. This is because students preparing for exams are never rushed into them unprepared - they are only entered when it's certain that they will pass with a good result.

Exams are great ways to gauge how far you have come on your instrument, and can prove extremely valuable when it comes to doing exams in schools or in further education. Having a graded instrument qualification is an authentic music qualification which is a great advantage to any musician. For school pupils, it's also a great way of staying ahead of the game; National 5 requires a performance on your instrument of Grade 3 standard, Higher requires Grade 4 and Advanced Higher requires Grade 5. Two of our primary school pupils currently hold Grade 3 and 4 qualifications, which means when it comes to taking National 5 in fourth year at high school, they will pass with ease.

If you are interested in taking a graded exam -whether you are a current pupil or not - please get in touch and we will work together towards your first (or next) official music qualification.

Call Chris - 07419756573
Email - chris.morris@dundeedrumacademy.co.uk