What is The Snare Drum Challenge?

This is a new opportunity for young drummers to both showcase their snare drumming talents, and to earn an award from Dundee Drum Academy. Participants will perform a challenging snare drum piece to an audience of supporters and be judged by Dundee Drum Academy tutor Chris Morris. 

What awards can be earned?

Each participant will receive a critique of their performance and earn a certificate of achievement. Depending on their score they can also earn either a bronze, silver or gold certificate. The standards to achieve these certificates will be set high, so they will have to earn them through some hard work and practice!

In addition to the certificates, the highest scoring participant from each of the three levels will also be awarded a trophy.

Who can enter?

The Snare Drum Challenge is open to ALL drummers under the age of 18 (not just Dundee Drum Academy students). Standard Entry costs £5. There is no charge for spectators on the day.

What are the rules?
You can read through the full set of rules HERE.