Why Choose Dundee Drum Academy?

We understand that there are other centres in Dundee which offer drum kit tuition. So why choose Dundee Drum Academy? Read through this handy list to understand why Dundee Drum Academy is the very best place in Dundee for drum kit tuition.

Dundee Drum Academy is the only professional centre in Dundee solely dedicated to providing drum kit tuition
Drum lessons are what we do. Other centres will offer tuition in various instruments, but they can't be a master of all of them - Jacks of all trades are rarely masters of any one. At Dundee Drum Academy, your tutor is a focused drum teacher.

Not only does your tutor care about your music education, but Chris Morris is consistently trying to better himself. Did you know - Chris is currently studying for a music theory exam, a Grade 8 Drum Kit qualification and a further teaching diploma?  This will add to the teaching qualification which was part of the music degree from the University of Highlands and Islands that he already holds.

Let's be blunt - There are tutors out there who teach illegally. Watch out for them. Dundee Drum Academy is a registered business with business and public liability insurance (To find out why this is important, click here), it pays tax, and most importantly, your tutor holds a full enhanced disclosure which is on display at the drum academy.

Chris Morris teaches drums because he wants to. A lot of musicians use tuition as a way to earn an extra couple of quid now and then, and their hearts aren't in it. Giving high quality drum lessons is what Chris Morris wants to do with his life. You will be pushed to achieve your highest potential. Chris Morris really will take you to a very high level on drum kit. There's nothing like the feeling of pride that a tutor feels when the student achieves great things.

We are one of the few music tuition centres that let you in on how much lessons are before you even get in touch with us. Our prices are displayed on our window, and on this website. Honesty doesn't stop there though - if you aren't getting on well with learning your instrument, you will be told (This rarely happens though, so don't worry!). Nothing is hidden from you at Dundee Drum Academy, because there is nothing to hide. Any questions, just ask!

So what can I expect from lessons?

This depends entirely on what you want from lessons. Are you already an experienced drummer who wants to take your skills to the next level? Have you never picked up an instrument before and just want to try it for fun? Do you want to learn how to read musical notation to a high level? Do you want to play in a band? Do you want to teach drums yourself one day? Are you the parent of a young child who wants music tuition to be a valuable part of your child's education?

Expect to be challenged, expect to achieve. Whatever path you want to take, you will learn:

  • Drum Kit Notation
  • Various styles/genres of music
  • How to keep time effectively with other musicians
  • Technical skills
  • Creative skills
  • To know your instrument inside and out
  • Not just to bash a simple rhythm out, you will learn how to play the drums.

Above all, you can expect lessons at Dundee Drum Academy to be professional, invigorating, inspiring and really, really fun!  
Small Business Insurance - Via Simply Business

Small Business Insurance - Via Simply Business

Public Liability : £2,000,000

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