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Practising for Summer Concert 2016

posted 3 May 2016, 11:57 by Chris Morris
The summer concert is only seven weeks away - that may yet sound like a long way off, but for those of you who come for one lesson a week, that's only seven lessons away! So this week in lessons we're starting to focus on exactly what is going to be shown off to a room full of keen supporters.

The concerts are always a great opportunity to grow in confidence and skill as a player, to let your family and friends see how far you've come in your drumming, and of course to see what everyone else is up to as well. And, this year, for the first time, I'm kicking off the show myself with some Grade 8 pieces that I've been practising (hope I don't make any mistakes!).

Also, this week the new Dundee Drum Academy unit finally got a sign put up:

So now I can stop telling new pupils that it's "that blue unit next to the Think Green shop".

Hope everyone continues to practice over the coming weeks. Very much looking forward to seeing it all come together on the 25th June.

Also, tell us you're going on the Facebook event page -

See you all soon!