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Oliver Achieves Grade 6 With Merit

posted 10 Dec 2016, 07:53 by Chris Morris
Yesterday we received the very exciting news that Oliver has achieved a Grade 6 with Merit qualification in drumming from Trinity College London! This sets a new record as the highest grade achieved in an exam by a Dundee Drum Academy student. Oliver is also the student who has achieved the most success in graded exams, completing five since starting lessons. 

The Trinity graded exam is comprehensive, covering a variety of pieces and technical exercises with supporting unpitched aural tests and sight reading. Oliver worked very hard all year in preparation for this exam and will now be looking towards sitting a Grade 7 exam in the near future. 

As always, I am impressed to see such a young student achieve such a high grade, as the requirements for passing National 5 (which Oliver will sit in the next academic year) are that you must play up to Grade 3 standard, so Oliver is more than prepared for this exam already. Oliver will be performing one of his exam pieces at next week's Christmas Concert, which brings us nicely on to the next part of this blog:

Yes, the Christmas Concert is right around the corner, and I am very excited about this one as I think it's going to be the best yet. The primary school section kicking off at 5:00 will see a variety of interesting pieces and so too will the high school section which begins at 6:00. In addition to the high school section we'll also be closing with an adult student performing two of his favourite songs, only the second adult student to perform at one of these concerts. 

You can check the Facebook event page for all the latest updates. Hope to see you there!