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Dundee Drum Academy Student Achieves Pass With Merit in Grade 3 Exam

posted 12 Jun 2016, 01:13 by Chris Morris   [ updated 12 Jun 2016, 01:14 ]
Dundee Drum Academy is very pleased to report that Nikhil has passed his Grade 3 RSL Awards exam with Merit. Nikhil leaves primary school this summer and begins his new journey through high school, entering first year with a music qualification that isn't expected from students until the end of fourth year.
Nikhil worked very hard preparing for his exam and achieved particular success with a 10/10 score in his sight reading exercise. Other areas of the exam focused on performing to a backing track in various styles, studying several technical exercises, undertaking ear tests, and answering general musicianship questions. 

With so much to prepare, it's a fantastic result that Nikhil managed 79% of the total marks giving him a pass with Merit. He has already begun working towards his next grade, and is progressing so quickly it is likely he will pass his Grade 4 before the end of the year.

Congratulations Nikhil!