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Dundee Drum Academy student accepted into Tech Music School!

posted 13 Jun 2013, 03:42 by Chris Morris
A massive congratulations to Dundee Drum Academy pupil Alex Hammond who successfully auditioned at Tech Music School in London last weekend! 

Although Dundee Drum Academy has only been open since 2011, Alex started coming to lessons with me about four years ago. Already an established musician when he began he was responsible for testing my abilities as a tutor, and showed a real keen interest in drumming and music in general. 

Alex started out as a rock and metal drummer but has since become proficient in funk drumming, and is currently stepping up his game in jazz too. His "secret weapon" (as I liked to call it) going into his audition in London was his terrific improvisational Brazilian samba. Since coming for drum lessons Alex has really taken to all kinds of music and I have no doubts he will only continue to learn more and grow as a musician.

During Alex's audition he had to perform "Cold Sweat" by James Brown (A favourite of my own!), show examples of styles and genres from a wide list, and perform a set amount of rudiments. No doubt Alex was also challenged in a number of other tests too, which I suspect may have involved sight reading and theory.

Tech Music School in London is a well established music school which boasts ex-students who have went on to perform with some of today's biggest music acts. The courses available range from a diploma to an MMUS in popular music. 

So, congratulations once again to Alex Hammond! After the passion and desire he has shown over the last few years he certainly deserves it.