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Dundee Drum Academy 30 Day Challenge

posted 14 Sept 2020, 01:40 by Chris Morris   [ updated 14 Sept 2020, 01:49 ]
Starting on Tuesday 15th September, I will be going live on the Dundee Drum Academy Facebook page daily to perform the 30 Day Challenge exercise that you can find on this page. Here is the notation for it (Can also be downloaded in PDF form at the bottom of this page, and stick around at the bottom of the image below for an explanation of the challenge):

The above exercise can be studied by drummers and non-drummers of all ability levels, as there are various paths through the exercise, and it can be played at any tempo. The top three lines are “bases”, which we’ll be going back to at multiple points during the exercise. So the most likely path would be:

Base 1: four bars
Variation 1: four bars
Base 1: four bars
Variation 2: four bars
Base 1: four bars
Variation 3: four bars

...And so on.

Then the same would be repeated with bases 2 and 3.

For a more full explanation, take a look at the daily videos over on the Dundee Drum Academy Facebook page, as I will be going through this every day until the 15th October.

You can drum along with the live videos, watch again later on, or just go through the challenge at your own pace. But make sure to do it once every day for the next 30 days!

The aim is to improve your general fluency, technique and speed behind the drum kit. At the end of the 30 days we’ll all see a big improvement in our drumming!
Chris Morris,
14 Sept 2020, 01:40