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Album Review - Chris Brown's Fortune

posted 9 Jul 2012, 16:27 by Chris Morris   [ updated 12 Jul 2012, 04:00 ]
The number one album in the UK Charts this week is Fortune by Chris Brown, and if you're fortunate enough, you'll never have to be exposed to it. You'd think with so many writers (55, Count 'em, fifty-five), they'd have actually come up with something quite good. One has to wonder how Chris Brown can get away with putting this album under his own name when so many people were involved in actually writing the material. Then again, I suppose 

"Sean Anderson Marcella Araica Jean-Baptiste Eric Bellinger Allessandro “Alle” Benassi Marco “Benny” Benassi J. Lonny Bereal Chris Brown Ryan Buendia Robert Calloway Terence Cole Donald “Flippa” Colson Greg Curtis Andre Davidson Sean Davidson Tommy Doyle Jr Warren “Oak” Felder Priscilla “Priscilla Renea” Hamilton Jerome “J Roc” Harmon Andrew Harr Justin Henderson Nathaniel “Danja” Hills Tommy Hitz Jermaine Jackson Samuel Jean Michael “Mike J” JimenezDavid Johnson Dante Jones Meshawn Jones Nasir Jones Jamal “Polow da Don” Jones Brian “BK” Kennedy Harvey Manson Jr Cory Marks Nick “Free School” Marsh Kein McCall Michael McHenry Adam Messinger Shirley Murdoch Robert Newt William Orbit Alexander “Fuego” Palmer Jason “JP” Perry Harmony Samuels Matthew Samuels  Andrea Simms Amber Streeter Damon Thomas Cameron Jabril Thomaz Larry Troutman Roger Troutman Andrew “Pop” Wansel Christopher Whitacre Dewain Whitmore Jr Alain Whyte"

Would be a little too long for an album cover.

The only musicians on this album are some backing voacalists, a guitarist, and an admittedly pretty good keyboard player. Oh, and Chris Brown himself, that is, if you could call him a musician. He does of course sing on all the songs but his voice is horrendously auto-tuned in just about every one of them, the best example being current single Don't Wake Me Up.

There are a lot of songs that feature another artist; Wiz Khalifa (Who raps on Maroon 5's number one single), Sevyn, and Kevin McCall are but a few of them. All of them outshine Chris Brown embarrassingly, and the song Till I Die barely features Chris Brown at all. In fact, it should definitely not be known as a "Chris Brown" song as virtually everyone else involved with it did more than Brown himself.

The lyrics throughout this album are increasingly cringe worthy. One would have thought that Brown's strength should have been in his lyric writing, instead it is one of his many weaknesses. They are accompanied by a barrage of cartoonish sound effects, making the whole album sound like a either a bad Disney number, or a comedy charity release.

There's really nothing more to say about this album other than I feel disappointed to be a member of the British public when they choose a pitiful attempt at making music such as this over pretty much anything else that's out there. Here's hoping Chris Brown never climbs to number one again.

He probably will, mind you.