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2 Balmore Street

posted 4 Apr 2011, 12:59 by Chris Morris
Dundee Drum Academy is very excited to announce that it has found permanent premises at 2 Balmore Street, Dundee! We will be starting tuition in our new home in just one week! This is a fantastic step towards Dundee Drum Academy achieving it's goal of becoming the best place in Dundee for drum kit tuition. It also means that we can now be more flexible when it comes to teaching hours, as we will no longer be limited to just Tuesday and Thursday nights!

For a little sneak peek at the new place, here are some photos... Remember, it's not decorated yet!

This is the view of Dundee Drum Academy just as you get in the door. You can sort of see the corner sofa to the left of what will be the waiting room. I'm planning to decorate this area with lots of posters of famous drummers.

This is the corner sofa I was talking about. It's a little worse for wear at the moment, but it will be re-upholstered and amazing looking again soon! What nice people to have left this behind for us... Thank you Green Energy Co!

These mirrors are in the teaching area. You might have noticed by now that our new home used to be a hairdressers - The random shower machine in the middle of the room will give it away when you get there!

Also, if you look into the mirrors, you can see that some chairs, and even a desk have been left behind. We were also left a lot of cleaning equipment and even some decorating materials.

So, for all Dundee Drum Academy pupils, I hope you are all as excited as I am about starting lessons in... Well, in Dundee Drum Academy!

Speak to you soon.

Chris Morris.